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I’ve personally faced this problem for a long time and now, working as weight loss coach, I have noticed the tendency of many people falling into the same trap.

Independently from how much weight do you want to lose, the actual process of losing fat is a long path to follow and many people, including me in the past are focusing on the big outcome they want to achieve.

I want to lose 200 pounds, I want to lose 80 Kg…I want to lose 10% body fat. They are all achievable goals, the problem is that those goals are too big, and you know that bigger your goals are more time and effort is required from you to achieve them.

It’s more than good to keep an eye on your big outcomes, but in my personal experience, in order to avoid excessive stress and the overwhelming feeling of seeing the goal too big to reach, you should give more attention and focus on the actual small steps (small action and small stepping stones goals) that, at the end, are the part you have to follow in order to achieve your final, much bigger desires.

What kind of mindset, do you think will give you a much better result in the long run? Saying, “I want to lose 100 pounds in one year”, or “I want to lose 8 pounds in the next 30 days”?

Short-term results are what will give you the drive and the motivation to keep going.

“Rome was not built in a day” and so you won’t be able to create your new version of yourself, mentally and physically, if you won’t focus your energy on one small step at the time.

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