How to achieve your weight loss goals one small step at the time. [Episode #10]
Achieve your weight loss goals one small step at the time!

 I’ve personally faced this problem for a long time and now, working as weight loss coach, I have noticed the tendency of many people falling into the same trap. Independently from how much weight do you want to lose, the actual process of losing fat is a long path to follow and many people, […]

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Your Limiting beliefs are making your FAT! How to challenge your limitations! [Episode #9]
Limiting Beliefs and Weight Loss

“You are who you believe you are!” and today this is a fact accepted in many Psychology fields! My beliefs had a huge impact, often negative, in the quality of my life, for this reason, I have decided to make the Beliefs, the core concept I want to talk about in this new episode of […]

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How to Stay Motivated? Unleash the Power of Your WHY! – [Episode #8]
Motivation: Find The Reasons behind your Goals at

A question I have been asked over and over again is: “how can I find my motivation back when I feel down, or when I am off track in the achievement of my weight loss goals”. I suffered from lack of motivation for long periods of time and in different areas of my life. Often […]

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The S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Way to Set Powerful Weight Loss Goals – [Episode #7]

Learning how to set powerful goals was the difference that made the difference in the achievement of my weight loss results so far. Setting well-formed goals and step by step improve the process of achieving them was my obsession of the last few years. An obsession that I always try to transfer to my coaching client. Having […]

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