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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Coaching Programme and the Coaching Services we’re offering.

However, if you won’t find below the answers you were looking for, we invite you to Book a completely FREE 60-minute Introductory Conversation with the Coach Antonio Esposito who will be more than happy to answer all the questions you might have.

In an alternative, you can also drop us an email at support@thinkleanformula.com.

Q. What's a Life Performance Coach?
A Life Performance Coach is a professional expert in the use of Personal Development and Coaching techniques aimed to help individuals to improve their personal life performance generally by focusing on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future.A Life Performance Coach assists the Client to bridge the gap between where he/she is right now, to where they would like to be in the future far more effectively than if they worked alone.
Q. What's an Eating Psychology Coach?
As Eating Psychology Coach is a professional expert in the Psychology (thoughts, feelings, and emotions) behind the relationship that each individual has with food and nutrition.An Eating Psychology Coach assists a client to learn first, their own relationship with themselves (body and self-image) then, their unhealthy relationship to food and nutrition.An Eating Psychology Coach, therefore, helps the client to change the mindset behind all the unhealthy behaviors which are the cause of the most common food-related diseases, obesity problems, as well as the cause of the most common eating disorders and food addictions.
Q. What’s the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey?
The ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey is a one-to-one Coaching Programme created by the Certified Life Performance and Eating Psychology Coach Antonio Esposito.This Coaching Programme is aimed to help individuals of any gender and age to deal and to overcome one or more of the following issues:
  • unhealthy relationship with food and with the self;
  • serious weight problems both overweight and underweight issues;
  • unhealthy emotional eating patterns;
  • binge eating disorder;
  • food addiction and out of control cravings;
  • mild to severe food addictions;
  • yo-yo dieting patterns;
  • poor body image/self-image, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence;
For more information, please feel free to visit the Official ThinkLean Formula Coaching Programme page available HERE!
Q. How the ThinkLean Coaching Programme is structured?
The ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey Coaching Programme is a one-to-one coaching programme delivered by the Coach, Antonio Esposito through weekly sessions each up to 90 minutes long.All the sessions, both the Live Training Days and the Coaching Sessions are held online by using popular video chat platforms such as Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting etc.Exceptionally the Live Training Days and the Coaching Sessions could also be arranged in a face to face environment if necessary. However, this option will be discussed in further details during the first Coaching Introductory Conversation.THE PROGRAMME STRUCTURE The ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey Coaching Programme is so structured:
  • 9 Training Days for 9 Study Modules delivered by the Coach Antonio Esposito in single one-to-one weekly sessions of 90 minutes each alternate with…
  • 9 one-to-one Live Coaching Sessions delivered in 9 weekly sessions of 60 to 90 minutes max
  • Each of the 9 Training Days/Study Modules are all supported by online Audio/Video materials, activities and exercises to complete between sessions and extra online and offline resources created for each client's needs.
  • Personalised video feedback from the Coach on your journey progresses [every 4 weeks].
  • Free Access to *ThinkLean University a student's learning hub for the entire length of the coaching programme.
  • per week "emergency calls" to the Coach between the sessions [10 minutes max].
  • 24/7 email support from the Coach.
  • Unlimited access to articlesvideos and supporting materials produced by ThinkLean Formula.
For more information, please feel free to visit the Official ThinkLean Formula Coaching Programme page available HERE!
Q. Is the ThinkLean Coaching Programme a Dieting and/or Fitness programme?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! The ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey is a coaching programme not based on any diet and/or fitness programme.During the entire length of the programme, you will never be told what to eat and what kind of food to eat.You will never receive from the Coach Antonio Esposito any kind of eating plan and/or diet to follow, as well, you will never receive any advice on what kind of fitness programme and/or exercise routine to follow to follow/perform.TheThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey is a coaching programme purely based on the understanding of the Self-Psychology behind a negative approach to food and nutrition. The reason for that is that just the negative approach to eating is the main cause of unhealthy behaviors that in the long term are the cause of obesity, food-related disease,  and eating disorders.This Coaching Programme helps and supports you as an individual to change, improve and upgrade your psychological mind-set as well as the daily approach towards yourself, food and nutrition.However, it’s important to specify that in order to achieve sustainable weight loss results, a change in the eating patterns and in the quality of food eaten must be necessarily addressed, although in the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey, the adjustments in the eating patterns and the related weight loss results, will be the automatic by-product of the newly acquired awareness of the self and of the newly improved mind-set towards food periodically develop during the whole duration of the coaching programme.
What's the main difference between the TLF and other Weight Loss Coaching Programmes?
The main difference is that the ThinkLean Coaching Programme is completely based on the concept that "Weight Loss Starts in the Mind".The approach to weight loss in the TLF Coaching Programme is based on an INSIDE-OUT approach. Basically, know WHO you are and WHAT you do from the inside point of view (mind, thoughts, and psychology of behaviors) in order to change the world outside.Completely the opposite approach of other weight loss coaching programmes that tend to focus only on the tools to use in order to lose weight (mainly fad diets and fitness) without ever considering the psychological, and biological issues of each individual that caused all the weight and food-related issues in the first place.
Q. How the ThinkLean Coaching Programme will help me?
The ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Coaching Programme will help you to improve, change and/or overcome all the psychological and physical issues related to an unhealthy relationship with yourself (negative self-image and body-image) and with food.The Coaching Programme and Coach Antonio Esposito will help you to create a completely new empowered mindset that will help and support you to create powerful action plans, strategies, and behaviors that will support you...
  • with the creation of a completely new physical and psychological approach towards yourself and towards food and nutrition.
  • creation of sustainable and last longing weight loss results.
  • understanding of the personal inner psychology of eating in order to free the self from any form of dieting and food restrictions.
  • with the creation of an improved personal self-image and body image by acquiring a completely new level of self-awareness and self-confidence that will improve your performance in multiple life areas.
  • with the planning and the execution of new empowering and sustainable weight loss goals based on the strategic planning of daily consistent actions constantly supported by the Coach's accountability factor during the whole duration of the journey.
  • with the creation of newly empowered lifestyles that will support your personal development journey in many in many other areas of life including general health, relationships (with the self and others), work and business and fitness.
  • with the planning of successful action-oriented strategies aimed to deal with inevitable roadblocks on the way to success,  including fear, self-doubt as specifically food-related emotional patterns such as craving, binge eating, emotional eating patterns and mild to severe eating disorders.
Q. What kind of results should I expect to see by the end of the Programme?
Each person is different, as well the background, the situations and the struggles experienced are different for each individual. Therefore, the results may be different from person to person.However, the TLF Coaching Programme is developed and structured to give to each one individual the possibility to achieve the following results:
  • Have a complete shift in mindset in the way you approach yourself, nutrition and exercise.
  • Have a new level of awareness of your thoughts patterns in relationship to your food habits.
  • Have a new sense of control over your life, food, and exercise.
  • Have an improved and more realistic vision of your self-image and body image.
  • Have emotional mastery over your food choices.
  • Have an improved belief system of your own abilities to overcome food cravings.
  • Have an improved sense of health and wellbeing.
  • Have a reduced body fat percentage and body weight (depending on the subject).
  • Have a new and empowered relationship with yourself and with food.
  • Have an improved sense of self-control and direction.
  • Have a much more effective way to set, plan and achieve all your present and future goals.
  • Have an inner sense of pride for the new achievements with the urge to set better and bigger goals.
  • Have a new sense of worth and appreciation of your abilities and towards yourself.
  • Be living in a completely new body supported by a completely new mind, ready to create a completely new life!
Q. How soon should I expect to see results?
The ThinkLean Mind and Body Transformation Journey is a Coaching Programme aimed to give you the best knowledge, strategies and emotional support to help you to achieve your most important psychological and physical weight loss and wellbeing goals.Through the correct use of the Coaching Programme and by taking advantage of the Coach’s help, support, and life experience in the field, you'll have the best possible chances of successfully achieve all the goals you’ll set for yourself.However, how soon you will be able to see and feel the results you desire, it only depends on the level of motivation, commitment, and effort you will put into the journey/programme itself.Based on the concepts you'll learn during the Coaching Programme, how soon you will start to apply those concepts and start to take the necessary daily actions needed in order to clearly see the results you're expecting to see, it's completely up to you.If few words, the results you will be able to experience by the end of your Mind & Body Transformation Journey, will be in direct proportion to the effort and commitment you'll demonstrate throughout the journey.
Q. Is the ThinkLean Formula Coaching Programme for everyone?
Unfortunately Not! The ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation is a very challenging 1-to-1 coaching programme specifically tailored for people struggling with mild to serious psychological, health and physical problems caused by an unhealthy relationship with themselves and with food.If you're struggling with one or more of the following issues, joining the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey Coaching Programme could be the best life-changing action you can take.Common issues tackled:
  • obesity caused by an unhealthy relationship with the self and with food
  • emotional eating patterns and out of control cravings
  • common eating disorders and binge eating
  • unhealthy self-image and poor body-image
  • lack of self-confidence
  • yo-yo dieting
  • food addiction
In few words, if your goal is to lose 10lbs because you want to fit in your swimming suit the next summer, this coaching programme is NOT for you.However, if you are still not sure if and how the TLF Coaching Programme could help you, please, feel free to book a completely free (no-obligation) introductory coaching conversation with Coach Antonio Esposito who will be able to evaluate your situation, clarify your doubts and at the same time answer all the questions you might have.
Q. Are the TLF Training/Coaching sessions performed in groups or 1-to-1?
The ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Coaching Programme is a one-to-one coaching programme.Each session is always and only performed between the Coach Antonio Esposito and the Client in a one-to-one environment (online and/or face-to-face).In no shape or form during the whole length of the programme, there is an involvement of other participants and/or groups of people during the live Training/Coaching session between the Coach and the enrolled Client.
Q. Is the programme tailored individually for each client’s needs?
Absolutely YES!The ThinkLean Coaching Programme is a Life-Changing Journey, and therefore the learning, breakthroughs as well as the results can hugely vary from person to person.Although the contents of the Study Modules and the steps of the programme are equal for every individual, the Live Training/Coaching Sessions are completely tailored to the client’s need, learning, breakthroughs, and real-time progress and results.
Q. How long is the ThinkLean Coaching Programme?
To date, the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey is a 120-day Coaching Programme (4 months ca.).All the weekly Training/Coaching Sessions and the Study Modules contents are structured in a way that can be delivered by the Coach and absorbed by the Client in a reasonable time of 18 weeks (ca.)However, depending on the client’s situation, goals and lifestyle, in agreement with the Coach Antonio Esposito, the length of the programme can become slightly more flexible by extending the total Coaching Programme length to a to a maximum of 22 weeks (5 months) without incurring in any additional charges to the initial total costs of the programme.
Q. What kind of support do I receive throughout the programme?
Throughout the programme, you will receive an unconditional practical and emotional help and support, from the Coach Antonio Esposito that will help you to successfully achieve all your mental and physical goals.You will constantly receive from the Coach knowledge, encouragement and personalised feedback on your journey progress during the whole period of the Coaching Programme.As well you'll have the possibility to reach the Coach 24/7 by email and/or by "urgent help" weekly phone calls and/or through the use of messaging services.
Q. What's the ThinkLean University and how can I use it?
The ThinkLean University is an online e-learning hub designed and developed to support the client's journey.At the enrolment of the Coaching Programme, you will receive a personalised username and password that will give you the access to the contents of the ThinkLean University for the entire period of the Coaching Programme.By having access to the ThinkLean University, e-learning hub, you will be also able to have access to all the Audio/Video materials and files created in order to support the studies and the learning of each of the 9 Live Training Days and Study Modules.As an add-on, you will also be able to access on your personal private page where you will take advantage of extra resources and activities specifically designed for your needs and related to your specific situation and on the stage you are on in your Mind & Body Transformation Journey.
Q. How much the ThinkLean Coaching Programme costs?

COVID-19 Offer

The Thinklean Formula coaching programme is now available for everyone COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

To take advantage of this offer, please click the ink below...


Alternatively, get in touch with the Coach Antonio Esposito by email at: antonio@thethinkingmind.org

Q. How can I find more information about the Coach, the TLF Programme and all the Coaching Services provided?
The easier way to find out more information about all the Coaching Services provided and to ask all the questions you might have is to book a completely FREE no-obligation Introductory Coaching Conversation directly with the Coach Antonio Esposito.During this first 60-minute Introductory Conversation, you will be able to meet the Coach Antonio Esposito that will be more than happy to answer all your questions about the ThinkLean Formula Coaching Programme and Coaching Service provided, including a better understanding of Antonio’s personal life experience, backgrounds, and skills as Life Performance and Eating Psychology Coach.To take advantage of this opportunity you have to simply complete the form request available at http://thinkleanformula.com/freecoaching/In the alternative, you can always visit all the pages of the Official Website www.thinkleanformula.com with particular attention to the following contents It is also possible to contact the Coach Antonio Esposito directly by email at antonio@thethinkingmind.org for any other inquiries you might have.The ThinkLean Formula Mind & Body Transformation Journey is a Coaching Programme created by Antonio Esposito and powered TheThinkingMind Coaching Ltd.www.thethinkingmind.org

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