Watch Your Language! How words can impact your results – Part 1 – [Episode #14]
The Power of Words

Most of the people are not aware of the impact that some of the words they use to communicate with themselves and with others, have on the quality of results they are able to achieve in life. Some of the words you use every day are the cause of why you are not able to achieve […]

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How to take 100% Responsibility for your Weight Loss Successes and Failures… [Episode #13]
Take 100% Responsibility

For the most part of my FAT life, I used to act as a victim of my circumstances. I used to blame the world, my genes, my family, my country for everything I didn’t like about myself both mentally and physically. There was always someone or something guilty for my miserable life. The first principle I […]

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Weight Loss vs Benefits Gain and The Power of Focus! [Episode #12]
The Power of Focus

Hi everyone Antonio here, in this new episode number 12 of the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey series I am going to talk to you about the importance of shifting your focus on the benefits you will gain once you have achieved your weight loss goals more than to concentrate your attention on the negatives […]

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5 Simple Strategies To Avoid Junk Food Cravings! – [Episode #6]
How to Avoid Junk Food Cravings

Welcome back! Episode number 6 of the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey video series, I am going to share with you 5 simple strategies you can use to Avoid Junk Food Cravings. Craving junk food while you are on a diet or you are trying to improve your relationship with food, can be a big obstacle between […]

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5 Reasons You Must Stop Dieting Now! Why Diets Don’t Work – [Episode #4]
Reasons Why Diets Don't Work

Hi everyone and welcome to the 4th episode of the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey. In this new episode, I am sharing with you 5 key reasons why today don’t work. 5 fundamental reasons why dieting, actually, could be the cause of your weight loss problems and eating disorders. I had to learn and […]

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