Becky H – A Mind & Body Transformation story of success.
Rebecca Hewitt Weight Loss

A thought on a wonderful and inspirational story of success that I had the honour to be part of with the ThinkLean Formula Mind & Body Transformation Journey and Becky H. “How I’ve created a completely new, leaner, healthier and much more confident version of myself!” Hello, my name is Becky. I started the ThinkLean […]

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How to Develop The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling! [Episode #11]
The Power Of Journaling at ThinkLean Formula

Hi everyone Antonio here, in this new episode number 11 of the ThinkLean Mind & Body Transformation Journey series I am going to talk to you about the power of journaling. I am going to share with you how, since July 2014, writing everything down in my trusty notebook completely changed my life both mentally […]

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