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Think Lean Antonio Esposito Weight Loss Coach United KingdomI’ve found an old picture of me took in California in 2010 I guess, and after a long time, I’ve decided to post another Before-After* photo of my journey (Taken on the 21st Nov 2018).

I never liked what I saw in the mirror, I’ve never really loved myself in total, both physically and mentally. The image I was holding in my mind about myself was very poor and often disruptive.

I’ve to admit, I still have some issues sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, focusing on the parts of my body that I still don’t like, and/or I’m having difficulties in changing them BUT, and it’s a big BUT, I learned during the years to appreciate and love myself much more than before and the difference is clear in this picture.

Today, the first thing I share and teach to my ThinkLean Formula coaching clients is the importance of loving yourself in order to achieve weight loss results that you can sustain for the rest of your life.

I always ask the same simple question: “How much care would you have for someone that you don’t like?” The answer, 9 times out of 10, is NONE!! So, the main reason why most people don’t achieve sustainable results in life is that at a deeper level there is always a lack of self-love, acceptance and self-respect for who they are as a person.

The main changes I had in my life both psychological and physical, came almost automatically after I’ve decided to accept who I was without ifs and buts. To appreciate myself independently from my weight, my look, my bank account, my partner, my past my mistakes and failures.

The changes started to show up soon after I’ve decided to simply love Antonio the way he was! My decision brought me to take care of myself every single day at the best I could.

Don’t get me wrong, it was NOT an easy journey, and it’s still NOT, you have to fight daily with many doubts, fear and sometimes with the old identity that is always trying to push you backwards, but to love yourself and taking care of the only person you have to spend your entire life with, will bring you results in every area of your life, results that you’ve never imagined possible.


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