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ThinkLean Formula is a life-changing 4-month Mind & Body Transformation Journey. On this powerful journey, you will discover the hidden parts of your eating psychology. It will enable you to understand your real relationship with yourself and with food and all the negative mental and physical approaches you had for the most part of your life. I guarantee you, it’s these approaches that led you to create a mind and a body that you don’t deserve.

ThinkLean Formula IS NOT another diet programme, you already know what food is good for you, and what food is not. As well, IT’S NOT another fitness programme. You already know that exercising is fundamental in order to improve your health.

ThinkLean is about YOU! You, at the deepest level.
It’s about discovering all the hidden spots in your mind, that are the cause of all your weight loss and food-related struggles and pains.

ThinkLean Formula is a coaching programme that will help you to re-train your mind and re-shape your body from an INSIDE-OUT approach.

The creator of this programme Antonio Esposito, based, his own weight loss successful journey on one simple principle. A principle that he has discovered after 25 years of battling with obesity, eating disorders and all the related psychological issues. A principle that changed everything: “Weight Loss Starts in the Mind”.

If you, like many, fell into the trap of trying diet after diet, and years by years not achieving any substantial results, it’s time to stop and change the approach.

Food is not the cause of your pain, neither dieting is. The problems are all stored in your mental and psychological approach to food and in the unhealthy relationship that you have developed with yourself, during the many years of pain, struggles and failures.

ThinkLean Mind and Body Transformation Journey will help you to overcome all the hidden obstacles that are now between you and who you want to be, both mentally and physically.

Antonio Esposito, your coach, knows all your pain and all your struggles, he has been there, before you, for many, many years and through creating the ThinkLean Coaching Programme. He will support and encourage you to achieve real and sustainable mental and physical weight loss results that you’ve never imagined possible before.

Centre of Excellence Best Business 2018

ThinkLean FormulaWinner of the Best Business Award 2018 granted by the
Centre of Excellence.

Successful Mind & Body Transformation Stories

How the ThinkLean Formula Coaching Programme work?

© ThinkLeanFormula.com - Mind & Body Transformation JourneyThinkLean is a 1-to-1 coaching programme where you will work directly with Antonio Esposito, the Coach, for 18 weekly online training/coaching live sessions* of up to 90 minutes each.

The complete duration of the programme duration is set to 120 days (ca.), a period where you will go through 9  training modules (theory and homework) set apart from 9 specifically tailored coaching sessions, where you will the opportunity to shine by applying all the leaning, from the modules, in your own life.

Day by day and week by week, with the 24/7 support from the coach, you will create an effective plan of action that will empower, encourage and push you to move towards the achievement of your most important weight loss goals.

By the end of the programme, you will…

  • Have a complete shift in mindset in the way you approach yourself, nutrition and exercise.
  • Have a new level of awareness of your thoughts patterns in relationship to your food habits.
  • Have a new sense of control over your life, food, and exercise.
  • Have an improved and more realistic vision of your self-image and body image.
  • Have emotional mastery over your food choices.
  • Have an improved belief system of your own abilities to overcome food cravings.
  • Have an improved sense of health and wellbeing.
  • Have a reduced body fat percentage and body weight (depending on the subject).
  • Have a new and empowered relationship with yourself and with food.
  • Have an improved sense of self-control and direction.
  • Have a much more effective way to set, plan and achieve all your present and future goals.
  • Have an inner sense of pride for the new achievements with the urge to set better and bigger goals.
  • Have a new sense of worth and appreciation of your abilities and towards yourself.
  • Be living in a completely new body supported by a completely new mind, ready to create a completely new life!


© Think Lean Formula - Mindset For Weight Loss Coaching Programme

ThinkLean Formula Free Coaching ConversationExperience the Power of Coaching.
Don’t miss out the opportunity to book your completely FREE 1-to-1 introductory coaching conversation today! …and if you want to find out more about our coaching packages and services, please feel free to Get In Touch!


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